So, you’ve seen roller derby in some movie or witnessed a bout? Wait, you haven’t heard of roller derby? Then it’s about time you learn about it!

In a nutshell, roller derby is like rugby on roller skates, without a ball. If you haven’t witnessed it before, check out some videos from the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association or WFTDA .

The longer story: roller derby a full-contact sport in which two teams of five skaters (four blockers and one jammer) compete to score points by overtaking each other while skating counter-clockwise on a flat track. Inevitably there are bruises, but overall it’s just high-adrenaline fun and the sport gets more popular every year.

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? So if you’re looking for a new hobby, a team sport and leaving your corona cave to meet new people – here are 5 +1 reasons why you should give roller derby a try!


Follow the link to get to know more about the registration or register via recruiting@munichrollingrebels.de.


  1. You’ll fit right in 

Roller derby really is a “come-as-you-are” sport. While most other sports favour a certain physique (e.g. being tall for basketball or massive in football), roller derby is for all shapes and sizes. Small and skinny? You’ll slip right through the pack. Got more to love? You’ll be an amazing blocker and every jammer’s nightmare!

On top of that, roller derby is a sport that has woven inclusiveness into its core values. It’s a sport open to people from all backgrounds, no matter sexuality, gender, age, or whatever – a safe space for all wonderful people.


  1. Everyone can do it 

Never stood on roller skates before? Well, neither had most of us! In fact, the majority of our team members started from scratch so rest assured: we all still remember our shaky beginnings. We support our special “Newbie” classes every step of the way when ramping up their skating game: from falling safely to how to stop and of course how to skate. We also rent you all the gear you need, so you don’t have to worry about that.

So you’ll see, in no time you’ll be skating and turning like you were born on skates 😊

What’s more: you don’t even have to like sports! A lot of our skaters hated sports all their life and roller derby was their first-ever sport!


  1. It’s a one-of-a-kind exercise

Roller derby is a unique mix of athletic skills and a really great workout. It combines balance, strength, endurance and strategy. Trainings last about two hours but being high-intensity, you’ll see the time will fly and you’ll only notice your sore muscles afterwards. Skating in the classic “derby stance” (essentially a constant squat) will strengthen your core muscles and tone your thighs – so the perfect after-work exercise for those of you who work in an office.

Roller derby constantly challenges you as there’s always a new skill to learn or improve – and you’ll get that sense of accomplishment each and every time. 


  1. Think a contact sport is not for you? That’s cool, too!

Contact and competition is not for everyone and that’s perfectly fine. Roller derby is much larger than “just” skating and there are lots of other ways to engage in this sport and be part of the roller derby community. In fact, the sport wouldn’t be possible without all the amazing non-competing derby people: skating and non-skating officials, coaches, announcers, photographers, volunteers and so on – all are just as important and meaningful as skating. No matter your preference, you’ll surely find your role within the derby family.


  1. It’s so much more than a sport

When you get the chance to ask people what they like about roller derby, the statement “It’s more than a sport, it’s a community” is really high up the list of answers (and people won’t stop talking about derby afterwards, so think twice before asking 😉). And roller derby really comes with this built-in community. Making new friends as an adult can be hard at times, but joining a league you’ll meet a broad bandwidth of new people that will become your teammates and more often than not, friends outside of derby. They’ll watch you fall – or rather cause you to fall 😉 – but will equally high-five and cheer you on if you knock them over and jointly celebrate new bruises over a after-training beer. 

What’s more, you’ll see that the derby community reaches beyond your sport club! Whenever you’re playing in another city, there’ll be after-bout parties and it’s not uncommon that skaters sleep on their opponents’ couches before kicking their asses on track. And even when travelling the world, looking to meet people, join a roller derby practice, or need a place to crash – the derby family won’t let you down.


+1 “I would love to join roller derby, but…”

… I’m too small / tall / skinny / heavy / non-athletic / [any other bullsh* excuse]

Really, there’s no reason NOT to join roller derby. Regardless of your sporting history, or lack thereof, there are people just like you already involved in this sport in some way.

And you kept reading until here after all, right? So why not just give it a try then?


How to get involved?

There’s more derby leagues out there than you would expect, so just google the one closest to you and find out when their next “Newbie class” is – most of them have one.

In Munich, we have our “Recruiting Day” (a chance to rent out roller skates and join for a first training) 1-2 times a year. Come by, we would love to see you there!

More on the registration here (in German) or register via recruiting@munichrollingrebels.de.

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